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Banner Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1216 ratings )
Utilities Lifestyle
Developer: Masayuki Akamatsu
Current version: 3.0.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Jul 2008
App size: 16.37 Mb

Banner is an LED-matrix-like display with which you can show custom messages. The following items can be shown:

- 5 user-defined messages
- 35 types of symbol characters
- Date (3 formats)
- Time (3 formats)
- Tweet (3 defined feeds based on users timeline or keyword search)
- Music (Artist, Song, Album)

The application has the following settings:

- Scroll speed
- Blink speed
- Landscape-only mode
- Upside-down display
- Mirror display
- Double-tap editing
- Sleep disable

- Character size (3 sizes)
- Element (LED) size (3 sizes)
- Element (LED) shape (6 shapes)
- Element (LED) color (Hue, Saturation)
- Element (LED) color randomization

Tweets will be updated ever minutes or every tweets displayed.
"Banner Free" is a free version with ads; "Banner" is a paid version without ads.
Both "Banner" and "Banner Extreme" have the same functionalities.

Pros and cons of Banner Free app for iPhone and iPad

Banner Free app good for

Quite simple to use. Would be nice if you can choose the speed of the text- The longer you have to display, the slower it seems.
Not bad at all for a free app. Scrolling is a bit slow with longer phrases; keep it short and snappy for best impact. Fun.
Great, but needs speed control and the last word is sometimes misshapen
It is very original, a must have on your iPhone! Now, I have to requests to make to the developper. First, we need to be able to change the color of the banner, may be even pick random different colors for each letter! Also, It would be very handy to be able to preset a few messages and be able to change them quickly with a "spinning menu". Hope to see those features in the near future!
I love this app! Can definitely make some :-) out of ur frdz!
Perfect for notes to friends in a boring class with an un-attentive teacher.

Some bad moments

Ne fonctionne plus avec iOS 10. Doesnt work anymore with iOS 10
and wont start again. That is really bad. The idea itself is great. But useless if it doesn t work properly.
All it does is show you what you type in, you cant set it as a background or any thing cool like that. Gets old very quick not some thing I would pay for.
the msge is WAYYYYY to slow. is it supposed to be like that or is mine just malfunctioning?
It is ultra slow now on this free application compare in the past. The setting page mentioned need upgrade a better version (pay) in order to make things work again.
No integrity. Mentions taking simple app free and making it a free app. Thats a lie. This now adds the ad overlay. Making it slower and now takes what was useable and makes it garbage. I for one have found others and I am removing it and any other products from this vendor. No Integrity.

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