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92 add


How do i type stuf in


I have had this app for years and it worked great with no ads. But now the latest version had ads. No ads for years, good, now ads, bad!

Fresh crap

So I looked over the update info before loading it. Stupid me to not realize that when the only description is "Ad Enabled" it would only stick a pop up ad function onto an other wise fun app. So Ill dump this chump like several others have done. Stupid of the developer to point out that "Banner" is the Ad free new version, but it doesnt show up in the app store. Nor is there a purchase link "in app" I guess Ill have to return to telling people what I think verbally.

Ad blocks the banner

Ad blocks banner, fun for kids only


How do you post the banner other places????? It wont work!!!!!

Get Shout It instead

The ads are really annoying and the choppiness gives me a headache!


App comes on an then stopes an cuts off dont get

Obnoxious Ads make it unusable.

Very rarely do I ever have an issue with Ads. I really Ads because it allows me to have a quality product that I pay with my time. Unfortunately, these Ads are not done with proper taste. The Ads scroll underneath your sign. It makes the App unusable.


If the app is not beneficial then its crap. Add scrolls with your message. Terrible. Cant save message. Hard to figure out. Useless.


With ads in the LED, deleted initially


How is this suppose to be cool ? All it does is write stuff in LED lights I guess.... And its so useless!!!


Annoying - ads

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